Chaperone Policy

During your care, a clinician may need to examine you. Occasionally this may involve an examination of intimate areas. We understand that this can be stressful and you may feel more comfortable with a chaperone. You may book a chaperone when making an appointment that may involve an examination of intimate areas.  

If this sort of examination is necessary the Clinician will explain:

  • why the examination is necessary and give you the opportunity to ask questions  
  • what the examination will involve  
  • ask your permission before carrying out the examination  
  • offer to have a chaperone present during the examination 

At all times the Clinician will respect your privacy during the examination and while dressing and undressing 

What is a chaperone?    

A chaperone is a person (can be a nurse or a trained non-clinical staff member) whose role is to act as a witness as a safeguard for both parties during a medical examination or procedure.  

If you have any questions or concerns about intimate examinations or chaperoning, please do not hesitate to ask one of the doctors or nurses.